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Pension Fund “Guarantee +”  

Fund Inception Date: 28 November 2002

This is a guaranteed capital fund which aims to achieve attractive yield while always protecting the underlying capital. The Fund seeks to achieve stable capital appreciation without exposing the invested assets to undue risk.

Fund Investment Policy
Management and Custodian Fee

Fund Investment Policy

The investment policy of the Fund is based on the rule of investing approximately 5% in money market and the remaining 95% in selected debt securities with minimum credit rating of A- by Standard & Poor's. The primary investment objective of the Fund is to protect the underlying capital (capital guarantee), which is a long-term guarantee directly provided by the Fund and is clearly stated in the Management Regulation approved by the Monetary Authority of Macau and thus cannot be cancelled by the management company at any moment. The secondary objective of the Fund is to achieve stable return higher than bank savings rate.


Management and Custodian Fee

For the Fund, the annual return reflects net of 1% per annum as all-in-one management and custodian fee, which will be paid out of Fund assets and reflected in the unit price of the Fund. Hence employers and employees are not required to make any separate payment.